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Tarot Reading { 1-Card Pull }
Tarot Reading { 1-Card Pull }
Tarot Reading { 1-Card Pull }
Tarot Reading { 1-Card Pull }

Tarot Reading { 1-Card Pull }

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Conducted by The Imaginarium Wonder Emporium founder K. Day via The Alchemist + The Butterfly.

Your results will be emailed to you {so please leave your email address in a note}.

Kathleen has 20+ years of experience as an intuitive reader and medium. Traditional tarot and oracle decks are utilized as a tool while Miss Day conducts a full intuitive reading as a gifted and proven medium. Her experience also includes spiritual guidance, paranormal investigation and life coaching / obstacle advisory.

Former client reviews:

”I was shocked how accurate it was. There’s no way you could have known specifics like that and yet you somehow saw everything. I’m a true believer now.” ~R.G., Texas

”...The most insightful and authentic reading I’ve ever had. And I can’t believe you were able to intuitively pick up on all of that from over the internet, not even in person. I’ll be in close contact.” ~C.B., Texas

”Thank you so much! This is way more intense than I expected. It’s crazy how spot on you were. I’ll definitely be a repeat customer.” ~N.K, Texas

For inquiries, K. Day can be contacted directly on our Instagram page @imaginarium.wonder.emporium or via email at artist.katday@outlook.com .

*photograph of medium K. Day by Louis Reed Photography, North Carolina