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Intuitive Life Coaching session
Intuitive Life Coaching session
Intuitive Life Coaching session
Intuitive Life Coaching session

Intuitive Life Coaching session

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Sessions conducted by K. Day Gomez via The Alchemist + The Butterfly.

This requires you to set up an appointment for a full 1 hour video chat session once you have completed your transaction. You may do so by directly messaging K.Day Gomez via email at artist.katday@outlook.com .


          Kathleen has practiced life coaching and general advisory since 2014. Her experience includes (though is not limited to) mental health + wellness, working through traumas, overcoming obstacles, creative blocks + career direction and spiritual advisory.

          As an intuitive, her style varies depending on the needs of the client, always open to make special accommodations when needed.  Mrs. Day Gomez's techniques are ever-evolving as she continues to study and her education broadens.

What makes her different?

"I intentionally veer away from text-book, cookie cutter formats in my coaching. 
          I'm consistently challenging both outdated and new trendy schools of thought which are carelessly  dappled throughout the internet and self-help books that can be misleading and even harmful to those who find themselves lost, unbalanced or without a clear direction.
          It is my aim above all else to organically delve into the specific needs of each individual I work with and develop a clear outline to work through their obstacles and issues, entirely tailored to them."

~K. Day Gomez

Former client reviews:

”Kathleen has been providing her clients and myself with invaluable support. I believe in her ability to help you too.”
~YBL, Texas

”Thank you so much! This is way more intense than I expected. It’s crazy how spot on you were. I’ll definitely be a repeat customer.” ~N.K, Texas