Purveyor of curiosities & fine wonderments.

Our Story

What Exactly is The Imaginarium?

Everything you can imagine in one place.
A limitless supplier of wonder, a vehicle for amusement seekers and children age 1 through 101.
Generally an experience for the whole imagination.
Quite simply, the greatest store on Earth.

          From costumes and masks to every-day whimsical wear for the adventure seekers...oddities and curiosities, rare finds to imported and highly impractical brick-a-brack...a magic shop and apothecary, a home for strange books and crafts...a good likelihood of mischief of every manner can be found here. 

          The Imaginarium Wonder Emporium was originally founded as a toy shop + magic shop for curiosities of all vintage sort.  A place where discarded toys came to be reimagined and given a second life.  Whether entirely by hand or spruced up by hand (and even curated as-is with the ware and tare that tells the stories of where they’ve been), you’ll find them here.  

          This second chance philosophy is at the core of our foundation.
We believe one should reinvent themselves as many times as they see fit.
In life, we are ever growing and evolving.
We invite you to share in something altogether different.
Welcome and we’re so very glad you came.